Gocator 3D Smart Sensors

For 100% Inline Quality Control and Material Optimization

Scan object shape and contrast, take feature measurements, and make critical control decisions—then communicate directly to factory networks and equipment. All with a single device. All at production speed.

LMI Point Profile Sensors

Point Profile Sensors

Laser point sensors for distance and dimensional 3D inspection of fast-moving parts or in closed-loop automation systems.

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LMI Point Profile Sensors Illustration
LMI Line Profile Sensors

Line Profile Sensors

Laser line sensors for shape, surface and volumetric 3D inspection of parts and assemblies traveling at inline production speed.

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LMI Line Profile Sensors Illustration
LMI Snapshot Sensors

Snapshot Sensors

Structured light sensors for full-field 3D inspection of objects with start/stop motion—using a single "snapshot" scan.

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LMI Snapshot Sensors Illustration
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