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Modern image processing faces the challenge of successfully completing complex inspection tasks at top speed. Choosing to use Baumer vision components is the most important step on the way to a reliable solution.

Baumer Smart Vision Sensors

Smart Vision Sensors

Simple handling and implementation make our smart vision sensors a smart solution for you. For example, parameterization of the new smart profile sensors takes only a few minutes via an intuitive web interface. Featuring an extensive set of integrated measurement functions, they support efficient inline or offline tests without detailed image processing expertise.

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Baumer Industrial Cameras

Industrial Cameras

Baumer cameras with CMOS or CCD sensors are the core of high-performance image processing solutions. Your investment in process automation is ensured – whether your goal is maximum speed or precise attention to detail. The portfolio contains robust industrial cameras providing up to 891 frames/s or resolutions up to 48 megapixel.

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Baumer Food & beverage industryFood & beverage industry

• Verification of best-before dates and codes
• Controlling the position of safety closures
• Presence verification of sealing caps
• Recognition of the position and alignment of labels

Baumer Food productionFood production

• Completeness verification of baked goods
• Counting dough pieces
• Presence verification of cold cuts
• Position recognition of chocolates in the primary packaging

Baumer PackagingPackaging

• Control of sealing caps
• Verification of the presence and position of the drinking straw
• Inspection of the welded seam of shrink wraps
• Label control and imprint control (position, logo, best-before date, text, code, product contents, etc.)

Baumer AutomotiveAutomotive

• Presence detection of sealing rings
• Alignment verification of contacts
• Reading and verification of codes of directly marked parts
• Detection of overmolding, injection molding errors, or scratches

Baumer ElectronicsElectronics

• Installation or pick and place control
• Control of presence and alignment of contacts
• Monitoring the cleanliness of contacts
• Completeness verification of contact plugs

Baumer Installation/handlingInstallation/handling

• Position recognition for pick and place
• Presence and position monitoring of building components
• Position control of protective caps or stoppers
• Dimensional checks (angle, length, thickness, height)

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