Your Machine Vision Technology Provider

Optalogic provides machine vision products and solutions to the Bulgarian market. Our comprehensive product portfolio covers a wide range of industrial cameras, vision sensors and 3D sensors for factory automation, inspection, and optimization.

If you are interested in delivering high quality products and exceeding consumer expectations
while eliminating production errors and lowering manufacturing costs, then we are the right choice
for a complete solution.


Our team is led by a group of technically qualified staff with extensive hands-on experience on a global scale to provide unmatched expertise and support.


We provide premium presales consultancy as well as assistance to resolve any problem your production line may face.

Feasibility Testing

With sample evaluations and in-depth feasibility tests we offer suggestions for the approach and equipment you need to successfully complete your system design.

Vision Training

We provide the necessary on-site or online machine vision training for the use, configuration and maintenance of our systems.

Sales Training

Our sales training programs allow you to identify and outline the most important behaviors and selling skills needed to improve sales results and shorten the sales cycle.

Our Partners

With the help of our partners, we are able to provide you with innovative solutions to the complex problems faced by your business.
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